Damsel Match


Click pairs of tiles, try to find matches. Remove all tiles to reveal a photo.

Getting distracted by the boobs? Maybe this version will be easier for you.

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IMPORTANT! This tile matching game is written entirely in javascript using HTML5 and CSS3. You need to have a modern, up-to-date browser to play the game properly. The game has been tested on Internet Explorer 10, Chrome 32, and FireFox 26. It should work on the latest versions of Safari and Opera.

ALSO IMPORTANT! This game is for adults only and is NSFW (not suitable for the workplace or around kids). If you are under the age of 18, or your circumstances make it inadvisable to have nude women on your computer screen, go here.

TO PLAY: Click on a tile to make it flip over and reveal an image. Then click on a second tile to flip it over. If the tiles match, they disappear. If they don't match, they flip back over. Make all the tiles disappear and a photo is revealed.

Click here to play    Click here to play on a small version, for small screens